Florist Directory SA for Mobile

Florist Directory SA is an independently owned directory of local South African florists geared specifically towards mobile platforms. An initiative by popular flower resource, Florist Chronicles, Florist Directory SA aims to become the ultimate go to site for finding quality florists throughout South Africa on mobile platforms such as smart phones, iPad’s and tablet pc’s.

Why a Directory of Florists for Mobile

Since its conception, Florist Chronicles has been a strong supporter and advocate for local florists and their fight for survival against the national wire services who dominate the online market these days. As a direct response to this issue, we developed this mobile directory to help local florists gain more visibility in the rapidly expanding mobile market where they might not have a presence at all yet.

With Africa being the world’s fastest growing region in terms of cellular connections, and representing just over 10% of the global market, the growing importance of mobile commerce or m-commerce and for South African businesses to have a presence in the mobile vertical cannot be ignored.

The extent of the opportunity for local businesses such as florists has rapidly evolved in recent years. Last year Nielsen South Africa reported that by 2010 mobile phones had topped both radio and television in usage by South Africans.

Interesting Facts about Mobile Phones in South Africa

There are currently more cell phones than people in South Africa

According to the 2011 GSM African Mobile Observatory report, there are 59.5M mobile phones in South Africa, and given SA’s population estimate of 50.5M, this equates to a penetration greater than 100%.

More users access the internet via their phones than traditional desktops

In South Africa, approximately 7.9 million users access the internet through their cell phones, while just over 6 million use traditional PCs and laptops, and 2.48 million solely use their cell phones to access the internet.

“Real world” purchases are growing at a faster rate than digital goods

A recent survey found that the rate of growth of “real world” products is rising at a faster rate than that of digital products.

Get Listed… be Seen…

The reason we are sharing these mobile statistics, is because right now there’s a huge opportunity for your business to gain additional exposure in a growing market, and it won’t cost you a cent! If you don’t feature in mobile search, you risk being left in the dust…

Whether you already have your own website or even a mobile optimized website, and especially if you don’t have a website at all yet, send us your business details and we’ll happily add you to our directory for FREE.

Don’t get left behind… ACT NOW!